Specializing in this field for several years, with the development of SpacEyes3D product line, SPACEYES has an extensive expertise in this type of software development.

With this experience in geomatics, image processing and 3D, SPACEYES provides standalone custom solutions or new modules integrated for SpacEyes3D software.

Custom Development Samples
  • Georando: this large audience software integrates our 3D display module. Specific interfaces of SpacEyes3D Viewer were developed for several applications:, interactive terminal for Caen, touch terminal for Parc Naturel de Chartreuse, etc.
  • GEObr: automatic fine rectification of AVHRR images and multi-temporal classification
  • GEOurba: semi-automatic urban extraction software working on SPOT images
  • SpaceII/OSS: AVHRR image processing software featuring spectral processing, automatic rectification and paths mosaicking. This software also provides computation of new information layers (ST, SST, NDVI, MVC), archiving and exportation
  • Terra Magna : Development of online 3D Services : interactive 3D Web, 3D Web services and Wiki 3D
  • 3D Interactive kiosks : development of custom touch screen applications for “Le parc naturel de Chartreuse”, “Le conseil regional Nord-Pas de Calais”, the municipality of Lorient, the city of Caen, …
  • 3D Web portals : municipality of Cherbourg (interactive city discovery), city of Pau (virtual visit), DDTM83 (gis application), BRGM (geologic application)…
Main Technical Skills
  • Desktop applications (C - C++ - Python – QT )
  • Web & mobile applications ( HTML – Javascript – PHP – Python – Django )
  • Spatial databases
  • Web mapping
  • Remote sensing
  • Image processing
  • GIS
  • 3D, OpenGL, OSG
  • Windows - Unix