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Production of 3D City Models from aerial images

SpacEyes offers 3D data produced from aerial images. Our sister company, Computamaps, has extensive experience for producing this type of data on an international scale.

Our 3D models are used for traditional applications such as urban planning, environmental modeling, navigation, location-based services.

The 3D City Models are produced from aerial photographs using either a new collection or archived images. We are constantly adapting our techniques to the characteristics of the new airborne sensors and have a proven collaboration with various aerial survey companies all around the world.

Our production facility unit employs both proprietary and commercial software tools. It is perfectly designed to produce 3D buildings on large surfaces and restore the highest level of geometric and textural detail, obtained by the optimal use of input data (from vertical and oblique matrix sensors).

Such production capacity can provide in optimal timelines, 3D models, offering an unrivaled ratio from quality to price.

3D City Models - Key Features
  • Level of geometric detail, LOD2 type (OGC): individual roofs (domes, gables, mansards), dormers, elevator shafts, ventilation, etc..
  • Photorealistic textures from vertical and oblique aerial images
Other specifications
  • Delivered 3D formats : 3DS, Collada, GML, OSGB, OBJ, OpenFlight, City GML,
  • Structuring of 3D models : one "ID" par building or group of buildings (as cadastre, etc.) with associated placement files.

Strasbourg, France

Leiden, South Holland

Arles, France