products - SpacEyes3D Viewer

SpacEyes3D Viewer is free software to view the 3D models created with SpacEyes3D Builder. It also provides autonomous basic DTM/imagery display.

Additionally, it supports DTM analysis and 3D visualization features.

3D interactive visualization

SpacEyes3D Viewer offers many 3D navigation features:

  • Real-time 3D fly through
  • Mapping localization of the pointer (x,y,z)
  • Relief exaggeration, focal change
  • Anaglyph vision (stereo)
  • Screenshots
  • Simple measures
  • Search by coordinates

SpacEyes3D Viewer offers also many features dedicated to presentation of 3D models made with SpacEyes3D Builder

  • Thematic view management (playback recorded position or sequences, navigation index)
  • Multicriterion search
  • Consultations of object information, hyperlinks
  • Layer visibility control
  • 2D overview

DTM analysis and 3D visualization features

SpacEyes3D Viewer provides advanced features extracted from SpacEyes3D Builder to analyze and visualize DTM:

  • 3D construction feature to build quickly a 3D base from any DTM and georeferenced image,
  • Processing features to compute thematic maps from DTM (shaded relief, slope map, aspect map, colored relief, contour lines)

All common raster DTM formats (regular grid) are supported (bil/hdr, asc, GeoTiff...)
All common image formats are supported (ECW, GeoTiff, MrSID, Jpeg2000...)
The software is optimized to read big datasets without preprocessing
SpacEyes3D Viewer also supports remote imagery servers (WMS, WCS, ECW...)