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Transform your tourism website into a virtual tour of your city, park, theme park, etc.

The Natureal Reserve of Chartreuse and the City of Caen use SpacEyes3D on their websites.


The Naturel Reserve of Chartreuse uses the same SpacEyes3D based application accessible as a web portal and also interactive kiosks available in the hub station of the park and its mountain huts.

This 3D model offers to its visitors an easy access to a comprehensive, interactive and well-documented information on all economic, cultural and sports activities managed by the park.

This 3D application provides several ways to discover the park through different themes/interest. It also features an agenda automatically updated from an external tourism regional database accessed via a web service, to access to a geo-localized list of relevant cultural activities and other sporting or tourist events.




This web portal built-up with SpacEyes3D software tools projects communication and promotion of the city. The 3D city model offers the third dimension for a better understanding of the territory and related development issues.

CHATEAU COS D'ESTOURNEL - performed by GERPHO company

The "Chateau Cos d'Estournel" is a vineyard extending over 91 hectares, located in Saint-Estèphe, Gironde (France). The company GERPHO developed a 3D model (*) of the area then used SpacEyes3D software to integrate it and generate "guided tour."
(*) use of Smart3DCapture


On the occasion of an important exhibition, the French Regional Council of "Nord-Pas de Calais" chose to present a history of the major steps in the mapping of the region. The evolving tools and mapping educates the visitor about geomatics - which is discovered through an interactive 3D kiosk. This 3D application is developed using SpacEyes3D software.

It allows the discovery of the region, through an interactive overview, and thus shows the relevance and potential of 3D on a set of existing and projected regional projects and a selection of sites of interest. This 3D terminal is for general public use.