Markets - Simulation

There are a range of simulation applications for SpacEyes3D across vertical markets.


This 3D model of the town of La Tour de Salvagny was created to simulate the replacement of diseased trees in a downtown square. Two scenarios at different times (planting and maturity) with different species were modelled and presented in a public meeting.

simulation-1  simulation-2  simulation-3

DDT 05 - French Departmental Direction of Territories of "Hautes Alpes "

3D Educational Model : Living in the mountains with hazards

A 3D model was created and made available via the Internet to educate school children about the risks of living in a mountainous region. This educational web application was developed using SpacEyes3D.

DREAL AUVERGNE - French Regional Directorate of Environment, Physical Planning and Housing the of Auvergne Region.

Feasibility study and landscape integration of new road infrastructure

Usually outsourced to consulting firms, the rendering is represented here using SpacEyes3D. The tool provides full information to the funding parties and the public. The comments and proposals collected using this interactive rendering are then considered by the contracting authority (DREAL Auvergne).


PROJECT "PLAN RHONE" - Work Published by Florence JACQUINOD (Teacher-Researcher)

3D geovisualizations created in SpacEyes3D allow stakeholders involved in the natural risk prevention – in this case flooding - to work and communicate easily using readable and comprehensible media by all parties involved in such collaborative projects. The study was here used to validate a plan to prevent flood risk (PPRi).